Founded in 2017 by Charles Culver and Artie Grizzle, Martello operates as an investment advisor based in Norfolk, Virginia.

We’re not the typical investment management company. Our business is devoted to revolutionizing ETF-based investment portfolios by incorporating principles from quantitative finance and data science into active strategies that adapt as markets change. We combine our experience, research, and knowledge to build models that use data to analyze markets in a disciplined, repeatable framework. We then systematically incorporate the insights provided by our approach into robust strategies that can stand the tests of time and market cycles.

Our investment process uses quantitative models that extract data from markets and translate that data into actionable information. This requires the deepest understanding of the drivers of investment return and risk. It also demands a commitment to continuous research, and we strive to always search for ways to improve our process through iteration over time. In financial markets, the only lasting edge is innovation.

Above all else, our mission is to improve outcomes for our investors, be it a satisfying retirement, charitable pursuits, or long-term wealth generation. We manage assets for our clients through separate account mandates, and also offer our services to institutions, investment advisors, and consultants. We develop lasting relationships with our investors, which are built through a focus on understanding each client’s specific needs, nurtured by our values and fiduciary commitment.

Management Team

Charles Culver, CIPM
Charlie serves as the head of operations for Martello. In this role, he oversees trading and technology of the business, including the development of Martello’s custom software.
Arthur Grizzle, CFA
Artie is responsible for Martello's investment activities including portfolio management, strategy development, and supervision of the firm's research efforts.

Advisory Board

Mark Finn
Chairman and CEO: Vantage Consulting Group.
William Grant
Fmr. Organizer and Founding Director: Square 1 Financial, Inc. (NADSAQ: SQBK)