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Strategy Highlights

Targeting low correlation to traditional investments
  • Over the long-term, the strategy should deliver diversification benefit with negligible correlation to traditional asset classes.
  • However, over shorter time-frames, correlation can approach 1 or -1, generally when the model is capturing a distinct trend.
Commitment to diversification at each step of the process
  • The strategy's investment universe contains a broad selection of investable markets by asset class and geography.
  • We utilize multiple model types and time horizons to fully analyze markets for position selection and risk monitoring.
Fully systematic implementation of alternative multi-strategy
  • Automated, systematic programs for security selection and portfolio construction.
  • Our systems are auto-adaptive, evolving and incorporating new data and learning as markets change.
  • We constantly identify, clean, and test the reliability of new data for our systems. 
Unconstrained mandate allows for multi-faceted risk management
  • Benchmark-agnostic portfolio can allocate to short-term bonds or cash in the absence of good investment ideas.
  • Inverse ETF positions allow the strategy to potentially profit from sustained market downturns.

Global Investment Universe

The strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation, and can invest across global markets and asset classes. We use multiple models by market, which work independently and in combination to develop our composite view for each market. We strive to incorporate new uncorrelated ideas into our portfolio mix.

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